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There are exactly 3.5 hours until I need to wake.
There is wind beating on the side of the house, there is
the shhhhh of a tire on asphalt somewhere, I need 2 tokens
to move 1 space and take your kingdom, I need 2 tokens 2 sleep.
There are exactly 3.1 hours until I need to wake.
Roll limbs to the left, cram pillow under the neck, roll to the right
on my back, on my stomach, general buzzing sound, of which
I determine to be harmless. Am I asleep? I need 3 tokens to
gain a power chip. That protagonist was hurt deeply last episode.
There are exactly 2.5 hours until I need to wake.
I stand up like I was bit, I need to collect belief from my followers,
sleep, calm, slow breathing, I have a flush. I have a straight.
Shit, he had a flush. Maybe I can’t sleep because I have a slight need
to pee, 2 pee, 2 tokens, 2 sleep, pair of 2s, burn one play one, 3 of a kind.
There are exactly 1 hour(s) until… I earn my chips back.
Shaking hands are in this season, this season on… Netflix exclusive…
There is, I need, to sleep, 2 chips, a token, belief, explosions,
heart-wrenching scene on the TV screen.


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